EAT/DHL-PilotsInformation December, 2018

EAT/DHL-PilotsInformation December, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

December the 3rd we (your ver.di TK) met with a delegation of DPDHL and EAT management for the opening our negotiations concerning remuneration agreement (ETV). The negotiations took place in a constructive and productive atmosphere.

Together with our negotiator we discussed and debated the demands which we published in our last letter sent to you before. We tried to achieve a common launching pad.

Furthermore both parties declared to conduct an efficient and contemporary conclusion. January 2019 additional negotiations will take place. Of course we will keep you informed about further developments.

After publishing our last tariff info several questions came up to us. We would like to answer them here for all of you:

Q1. We will negotiate the topic pension agreements separately from ETV because we consider the negation of ETV and pension as suboptimal. After concluding salary negotiations we will discuss this topic together with EAT and DPDHL in 2019.

Q2. Negotiation about topics like roster, part time are not part of the ETV but MTV (Framework agreement) and will be negotiated earliest in spring 2020 as this agreement runs until this time. The survey was already asking about MTV topics because we think it is useful to have a full picture. Short before the MTV negotiations we will conduct a new survey about relevant topics (e.g. roster, part time, etc.) again. The MTV can be terminated earliest March 2020.

Q3. Of course we represent the BRU-Contract-LEJ-Based (BCLB) colleagues too. That means that these colleagues will benefit from the negotiated payment increase as well. Remember you all got 3 times a 2% pay increase every April out of our last remuneration agreement.

Q4. Concerning per diem pay a short word of explanation: the payment of per diem for the BCLB colleagues is not an expenses pay. Since the pilots shifted to the German contract the tax free pay for night, Sunday work and work on public holidays is paid as per diems. The maximum possible pay by law in Germany is approx. 1600 € per month and that is not increasable. Expenses you can claim during your tax declaration.

Dear colleagues,

we count on your continuing support. Colleagues who are not a ver.di member yet we kindly ask to support us by joining! Don´t lean on the others. Only a united pilot community is a strong factor to achieve our goals. It’s in our all hands to strengthen our negotiation position.

For questions, proposals and critics don`t hesitate to ask us via phone, mail, etc… .

Your Tariff Commission

Martin, Karsten, Giulia und Holger (Verdi)