EAT/DHL-PilotsInformation April, 2019

EAT/DHL-PilotsInformation April, 2019

Pay table increase by April 1st, 2019


Dear colleagues,

this month the first increase of the pay table comes in force after 84% of our members voted in favour of our pay deal.

Just to remind: For pilots with LEJ contract (“Flex-roster”) increase of basic, sector and flight service pay by 2,9%.

For pilots with BRU contract (“Block-roster”) this increase will be split at 2% more on remuneration and “per diem” increase to € 4,80 per hour.

Structural changes of the pay deal already applied since January this year and will be recalculated asap.

Next increase of our pay table will be April 2020.

And don’t forget: Being organized in our union makes us strong for further negotiation! If you are not a ver.di member yet, just sign up!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us (Martin, Karsten and Giulia)


Your Tariff-commission


Martin, Karsten, Giulia and Holger Rößler (ver.di)