We are many. We are at every German Ryanair base. We are with ver.di.
With 2 million members ver.di is the biggest service trade union in the world. The name ver.di stands for Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft – United Services Union. We, ver.di, are one union for all. We consolidate the interest of our members – and by working together empower each of us. We create unity out of diversity. Unity is strength!  

ver.di is the only German civil aviation union. Our union organizes all people working in the civil aviation industry, from cockpit, cabin, airports, ground handling covering about. 3.000 Collective labour agreements in civil aviation across Germany).

In a long tradition we have comprehensive experience in civil aviation as well as a proven track record of winning with a major low cost carrier. Almost ten years ago, we started to tackle Easyjet, workers united in ver.di, we helped workers organise, we went to court, we went on strike and workers at Easyjet won!

We are the only union with real experience with low cost carriers. Unlike other cabin crew unions ver.di is no Lufthansa only union under disguise.  We have experience with low cost carriers and winning standard setting agreements for cabin crew.

Our many thousands of members in cabin crew have achieved collective agreements which ensure them good working conditions and a living wage. Examples are EasyJet, Eurowings, Lufthansa, TUIfly, European Air Transport and many others.

That said, we can move mountains and now we are here specifically to support the efforts of Ryanair cabin crew to  improve your wage and to foster secure and fair working conditions.

As your cabin colleagues at Ryanair, who are with ver.di, we have already started to make demands. We hold assemblies and cabin crew comes together for members meetings at many German Ryanair bases and now across Germany nationally.

Are you interested in getting connected?

Can Ryanair really afford to grant decent working conditions?
Profits of Ryanair are high. The company can afford to do better for its cabin crew and still make reasonable profits. Low cost carriers can still be profitable and have good working conditions in a collective labour agreement for cabin crew. Case in point: EasyJet, Eurowings etc. It is possible, absolutely. But: we have to make it happen in unity and together in our union ver.di. Because united we stand, divided we fall.