Time for Change at Ryanair!

We, the cabin crew members @ Ryanair in Germany agree: It´s time for change at Ryanair! …
What has to change for you to be able to fly and live safe and sound?

  • “Feeling like I'm a number on a spreadsheet. I am the face of the company to the millions who fly Ryanair. I deserve RESPECT.”
  • “The LOW pay. Rent and the cost of living in Germany is HIGH.”
  • ”The pressure around sales targets. Cabin crew jobs should be about safety first, not sales!”
  • “Agency employment. I work on a Ryanair plane, wear a Ryanair uniform, follow Ryanair procedures, work Ryanair rosters... Why am I not on a Ryanair contract?”
  • “The pay structure: Pay for only SBH is not enough”
  • “The lack of support with personal taxes, Irish bank accounts, EHIC…!”
  • “Having to pay for food and water at 35,000 feet.  It’s just ridiculous.”
  • “The stress around getting sick. We should get paid time off when we're ill.”
  • “Unpaid leave.. It's just not right.”
  • “Paying for accommodation when I'm transferred for a short period. Short term tenancy is not easy.. and its expensive!”
  • “The lack of information on FTLs. We need clear guidelines- this is about safety!”
  • “The constant stress. I'd really like more supportive managers.”
  • “Paying for my uniform and identity card.”
  • “The training fee... enough said.”

Does this sound all too familiar?
Do you agree Ryanair Cabin Crew deserves better pay and working conditions?