Individual Protections and Security that ver.di cabin crew members benefit from….

Legal rights derived from collective agreements
ver.di members employed in companies subject to collective agreements enjoy the protection offered by such agreements. And they receive support when they have to enforce their rights. Non-members can only hope that the employer grants collectively agreed payments – they do not have any legal claim to them.

Competent legal advice and representation
An important service offered by ver.di is the provision of legal advice. Whether labour, or social law is involved, competent advisors are available to help members. And if a legal dispute arises, legal specialists offer not only advice but also comprehensive, free-of-charge legal protection – only for members, of course. ver.di legal protection even covers representation in court, if necessary.

Some unions claim to provide legal support, but there is no other Cabin Crew Union, which provides even close to the same protection and quality as ver.di

Strike pay during industrial disputes
Sometimes collective bargaining grinds to a halt or employers try to force through their own point of view and industrial action becomes unavoidable. As employers do not continue to pay wages during strikes or lockouts, ver.di intervenes to help its members, providing strike pay to help them avoid financial hardship.

Membership fee is 1% of your regular monthly income.
This means out of your fixed basic pay (and, if available, fixed rank allowance). If you are paid by block hours only than you have to multiply your block hour rate with 65 for calculating the monthly income. Those who have more, pay more – those with less money pay less. Our members subscribe one percent of their basic gross income to support the union and enable it to operate effectively. And the jobless pay a reduced subscription. The subscription is also tax-deductible

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