Cabin Crew at Ryanair is demanding Ryanair change…

Cabin Crew at Ryanair is demanding Ryanair change… in Germany and across Europe.

By uniting together in ver.di, cabin crew @ Ryanair becomes part of the largest and most powerful aviation union in Germany; the only union with a proven track record of winning real cabin crew victories and change at low cost carriers such as Easy Jet and Eurowings amongst others...

What do we want?

Time for Change at Ryanair!

We, the cabin crew members @ Ryanair in Germany agree: It´s time for change at Ryanair! …
What has to change for you to be able to fly and live safe and sound?

  • “Feeling like I'm a number on a spreadsheet. I am the face of the company to the millions who fly Ryanair. I deserve RESPECT.”
  • “The LOW pay. Rent and the cost of living in Germany is HIGH.”
  • ”The pressure around sales targets. Cabin crew jobs should be about safety first, not sales!”
  • “Agency employment. I work on a Ryanair plane, wear a Ryanair uniform, follow Ryanair procedures, work Ryanair rosters... Why am I not on a Ryanair contract?”
  • “The pay structure: Pay for only SBH is not enough”
  • “The lack of support with personal taxes, Irish bank accounts, EHIC…!”
  • “Having to pay for food and water at 35,000 feet.  It’s just ridiculous.”
  • “The stress around getting sick. We should get paid time off when we're ill.”
  • “Unpaid leave.. It's just not right.”
  • “Paying for accommodation when I'm transferred for a short period. Short term tenancy is not easy.. and its expensive!”
  • “The lack of information on FTLs. We need clear guidelines- this is about safety!”
  • “The constant stress. I'd really like more supportive managers.”
  • “Paying for my uniform and identity card.”
  • “The training fee... enough said.”

Does this sound all too familiar?
Do you agree Ryanair Cabin Crew deserves better pay and working conditions?

Who are we?

We are many. We are at every German Ryanair base. We are with ver.di.

With 2 million members ver.di is the biggest service trade union in the world. The name ver.di stands for Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft – United Services Union. We, ver.di, are one union for all. We consolidate the interest of our members – and by working together empower each of us. We create unity out of diversity. Unity is strength!  

ver.di is the only German civil aviation union. Our union organizes all people working in the civil aviation industry, from cockpit, cabin, airports, ground handling covering about. 3.000 Collective labour agreements in civil aviation across Germany).

In a long tradition we have comprehensive experience in civil aviation as well as a proven track record of winning with a major low cost carrier. Almost ten years ago, we started to tackle Easyjet, workers united in ver.di, we helped workers organise, we went to court, we went on strike and workers at Easyjet won!

We are the only union with real experience with low cost carriers. Unlike other cabin crew unions ver.di is no Lufthansa only union under disguise.  We have experience with low cost carriers and winning standard setting agreements for cabin crew.

Our many thousands of members in cabin crew have achieved collective agreements which ensure them good working conditions and a living wage. Examples are EasyJet, Eurowings, Lufthansa, TUIfly, European Air Transport and many others.

That said, we can move mountains and now we are here specifically to support the efforts of Ryanair cabin crew to  improve your wage and to foster secure and fair working conditions.

As your cabin colleagues at Ryanair, who are with ver.di, we have already started to make demands. We hold assemblies and cabin crew comes together for members meetings at many German Ryanair bases and now across Germany nationally.

Are you interested in getting connected?

Can Ryanair really afford to grant decent working conditions?

Profits of Ryanair are high. The company can afford to do better for its cabin crew and still make reasonable profits. Low cost carriers can still be profitable and have good working conditions in a collective labour agreement for cabin crew. Case in point: EasyJet, Eurowings etc. It is possible, absolutely. But: we have to make it happen in unity and together in our union ver.di. Because united we stand, divided we fall.

How do we win?

For many years, Ryanair didn’t accept unions as negotiation partner and was not willing to negotiate Collective Labour Agreements under national law. But times are changing, and so is Ryanair.

Over the last few months, cabin crew across Germany and Europe started began telling their story and talking to each other about Ryanair has been moved to begin to change.  

It helped! Ryanair has said publicly it will recognize workers in unions and commits to negotiate collective labour agreements (CLA’s) with unions for flight crew now.

And in Mai 2018 Ryanair offered ver.di a recognition agreement. Negotiations are in process.

Organized at our union verdi, our goal is to improve working and income conditions through collective labour agreements, ensuring that Ryanair respects national law, workers rights and co-determination of workers in making decisions about workplace issues that affect all of us. And we need you for making that happen. Join our community and become a verdi member!

You´ll never walk alone – We are International, we are Cabin Crew United

We will not change Ryanair alone in Germany, to take on a multinational company we believe in a strong multinational approach.  We‘re working internationally closely with our long standing partner unions within the International Transport-Workers Federation (ITF) and European Transport-Workers Federation (ETF) which are the strongest aviation federations in Europe.  

Together with our union partners at the ETF and ITF we are running the European Network www.cabincrewunited.com

This networks coordinates bases across Europa and ensures that Ryanair can´t pit one base against another.

What else is in for me?

Individual Protections and Security that ver.di cabin crew members benefit from….

  • Legal rights derived from collective agreements
    ver.di members employed in companies subject to collective agreements enjoy the protection offered by such agreements. And they receive support when they have to enforce their rights. Non-members can only hope that the employer grants collectively agreed payments – they do not have any legal claim to them.
  • Competent legal advice and representation
    An important service offered by ver.di is the provision of legal advice. Whether labour, or social law is involved, competent advisors are available to help members. And if a legal dispute arises, legal specialists offer not only advice but also comprehensive, free-of-charge legal protection – only for members, of course. ver.di legal protection even covers representation in court, if necessary.
  • Some unions claim to provide legal support, but there is no other Cabin Crew Union, which provides even close to the same protection and quality as ver.di
  • Strike pay during industrial disputes
    Sometimes collective bargaining grinds to a halt or employers try to force through their own point of view and industrial action becomes unavoidable. As employers do not continue to pay wages during strikes or lockouts, ver.di intervenes to help its members, providing strike pay to help them avoid financial hardship.
  • Membership fee is 1% of your regular monthly income. This means out of your fixed basic pay (and, if available, fixed rank allowance). If you are paid by block hours only than you have to multiply your block hour rate with 65 for calculating the monthly income. Those who have more, pay more – those with less money pay less. Our members subscribe one percent of their basic gross income to support the union and enable it to operate effectively. And the jobless pay a reduced subscription. The subscription is also tax-deductible