Solidaritätserklärung von verdi für die Streikenden bei British …

Solidaritätserklärung von verdi für die Streikenden bei British Airways in Großbritannien für gleiche Bezahlung in der Kabine

ver.di Solidarity Statement for BA workers on „mixed fleet strike“

Berlin 11. January 2017.

We note that part of the British Airways Cabin Crew have been employed on lower pay and inferior terms and conditions of employment.

We find it unacceptable that as a result, part of the cabin crew is doomed to live in poverty with many taking second jobs or finding themselves in increasing debt. This is even more outrageous, given the fact that these low levels of pay exist despite IAG making £1.4 profit last year.

We condemn this missing balance between profit and decent working conditions within British Airways.

We therefore affirm our support for all the brave colleagues going on strike and call British Airways to engage in meaningful social dialogue and to settle this conflict as soon as possible.

ver.di Germany (united service union), representing amongst others cabin crew in: Lufthansa, Eurowings, Cityline, Easyjet, Air Berlin, Condor, Aeroflot, Tuifly.